April 2014

Latvian Eats is intended to be a Latvian recipe collection – simple food that anyone can cook and eat. It is not just a compilation of traditional cuisine, it is also about dishes that Latvians have adopted and developed over years and still enjoy every day.

As a born and bred Latvian, currently living in Australia, I miss my home and, more often than not, the food. Some may argue that it is quite bland and uneventful (even I would simply describe it as ‘pork and potatoes’), but it is the taste of home. My attempt is to recreate my family’s recipes and food from eateries of various standard from ingredients that are available outside Latvia and capture the results in as appealing way as possible. It has lead to some experiments and occasional dodgy looking or tasting eats, but nevertheless everything always gets eaten. Must be the practical Latvian upbringing.

For some it may be a discovery of a whole new world of food, for others it may be a trip down the memory lane. Therefore I would like this website to become a community project – I am welcoming Latvians and their descendants living all around the world to share their family recipes and stories behind them. Just get in touch at latvianeats (at) gmail (dot) com and we will figure out the rest!

Labu apetīti!




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