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  1. Linda says:

    Hello ethnic relatives! This looks very similar to the Finnish “karjalanpiirakka”, often made with a rice filling but the traditional version contained potato (and sometimes a mix with carrot too). The main difference seems to be that the Finnish pies have a wavy edge, are flatter and are usually eaten warm, with butter.
    I’ve never dared make karjalanpiirakoita at home since I’m told the thin rye dough gets very sticky and difficult to handle (and the ready-made ones are delicious, despite usually containing horrible trans-fat palm oil… ) But I’ll have a go at making sklandrausis! (Thanks to the Turkish Airways in-flight magazine for alerting me to the existence of sklandrausis!)

    • LatvianEats says:

      I have seen many “Latvian” recipes in Scandinavian and German cookbooks, I believe we have borrowed from each other extensively. Sklandrausis is not hard to make, and if the dough gets too sticky, just wet your hands with cold water and it will make it easier to handle the dough. Have fun making them!

  1. September 15, 2016

    […] My only plan is to make these tarts, which is traditional for the autumnal equinox in my culture: My kids actually like them a lot (well, at least one kid does). I will probably think up some […]

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