Latvian cheesecake (biezpienmaize)

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  1. Indra says:

    Hey, any recommendation for the best cottage cheese to use – ie: brand name?

  2. Indra says:

    Made this yeaterday …I didn’t drain the cottage cheese so the final texture was not as firm as it should have been but still tastes great. Future attempts I would also NOT use baking paper as the base doesn’t/didn’t cook properly and try Farmers Cottage Cheese (dry cottage cheese). Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Irena says:

    I prefer to make my own cottage cheese from buttermilk and milk and use it for biezpienmaizites and other bakes with cottage cheese. You can make it as dry as you want for baking and softer version to have it with sour cream. I agree, ricotta bakes never taste as good as cottage cheese ones. I am glad to find Latvian cooking blog in Australia

  4. Rita says:

    My Latvian Mum is almost 95 years old (next month), She doesn’t cook anymore but she was the best cook when I was growing up and all my friends loved her homemade Latvian cooking. I just thought I would mention that my Mum always used farmers cheese for her Latvian cheesecake. It was the best too.

    • Indra says:

      Definitely use Farmers Cheese….hard to find but well worth it. Does anyone have a recipe for this “cake” with apple? When I was in Riga last year, I bought an apple version and it was very yummy…. thanks

  5. Liva says:

    Hard to come by farmers cheese in Australia, should try to make my own :) For the apple cake – try the plum cake recipe from the website; I will post a version for apple cake soon.

    • Indra says:

      The plum cake won’t work. The cake I had in Riga was definitely the cheesecake but with apple through it / on top…I just may have to experiment.
      I know of only one shop in Canberra that sells Farmers Cheese – agree, not easy to find

  6. Linda says:

    Hi, I am going to try this recipe today using my options in Cyprus. As we have many russian shops here, I can get cottage cheese, the only thing about it is the price. Cyrpriots have Anari cheese which is rather alike- a soft cheese. It’s not crumbly or dry enough though so I’m probably going to spend a bit for this recipe :) Since it’s for a special event to introduce with Latvian cooking. Next time for a home experiment I’ll use anari.
    How much cake does one get out of this recipe? :)

  7. Latvian Eats says:

    This would make a 30 x 40 cm tray, so the tray is smaller than the standard oven tray. I usually cut the cake in 2.5 x 2.5 cm (inch by inch) cubes, so everyone gets a taste.
    You can substitute cottage cheese with ricotta, but it loses that very specific biezpienmaize flavour.

  8. Linda says:

    Hello again!
    The cake turned out to be very sheet, which was okay for this event to share with more people but for my next time I’ll choose a smaller pan to make the cake thicker as I like to have a bitefuls. Umm as for the recipe itself, I found I had to put more flour for the crusty base then the reipce suggests and even when I had put 2 cups and was already munching it down I wished I put even more than that, so that there is no extra butter coming out of the dough. The taste was very buttery. Also 6 eggs ir probably way too much for my taste. I’d go with 4 or even just 3 for an experiment (for a 1 kg of cottage cheese).
    The bottom line is, I had a very international crowd and my cake was told to be very diff from what they’ve tried before so I call it a success. :) One of the best Latvian desserts for sure. I miss LV pricing though :D 3 eur/ kg or 8-10 eur/kg for a cottage cheese…

  9. Moon says:

    Is 180 degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

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