Wax beans (Vaska pupas)

Wax beans (butter beans) on a white plate

Wax beans, also known as butter beans, are my favourite summer vegetable. Softer and sweeter than their green bean cousins, they were served at lunch or light dinner in summer months, and they didn’t require more than just parboiling and frying up on a pan with plenty of butter.

No surprise, Vārīšanas un cepšanas māksla recipe #271 Vaska pupas (Wax beans) doesn’t demand more than that: “Take soft yellow wax beans, remove the string and cut in enjoyable pieces, boil until soft in salted water, strain in a colander, serve in a bowl with browned butter poured over them. Serve with tongue or ham.”

As discovered with cauliflower (recipe link here), brown butter adds a whole new level of flavour to vegetable dishes. If you cannot get your hands on wax beans (it may be a bit challenging in Australia, but they can be found in shops in February), try the same method with green beans.

Vaska pupas (Wax beans)

Vaska pupas (Wax beans)


  • 250g (1/2lbs) wax beans
  • 3tbsp of butter


  1. Trim and cut the beans in half.
  2. Place the beans in a saucepan, cover with boiling water and simmer for 5-6 minutes until beans are soft.
  3. Strain the beans in a colander and salt lightly. Place in a serving dish.
  4. Melt the butter in a small saucepan on a medium heat. Continue to simmer for couple more minutes, until butter turns light brown.
  5. Pour the butter over beans and serve.






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